Aircraft Maintenance Engineering - Demo ATC-EV-D-001

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering - Demo

This course is tailored for engineering graduates in Aeronautical Engineering and related engineering streams. This course adds the aviation industry know-how to your engineering skills and gives that extra edge needed. This course, having been curated by veteran aviation experts, covers a wide spectrum of aviation. Starting from Flying Principles, Navigation Aids up to Regulatory Authorities, Quality & Safety Processes and more.

course-calender Start Date - Jun 06,2020 14 Modules
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Oil and Gas Piping Engineering - Demo PTR-EV-D-002

Oil and Gas Piping Engineering - Demo

This course is directed towards Mechanical Engineering graduates and graduates from related engineering streams. This course brings you the Oil and Natural gas industry know-how based on hands-on experience in building and maintaining Oil refineries. This course sharpens your engineering skills to deal with complex engineering drawings of Oil and Gas refineries, to deal with industry standards, to master non-destructive testing, and more.

course-calender Start Date - Aug 01,2020 5 Modules
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Edgevarsity Scholarship Test EV-TST-001

Edgevarsity Scholarship Test

This course is for conducting scholarship tests towards courses Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and Oil and Gas Piping Engineering.

course-calender Start Date - Jun 09,2021 1 Modules
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The Six Cs of Leadership SixCs-01

The Six Cs of Leadership

The art of communication is the language of leadership. Communication, Confidence, Creativity, Curiosity, Collaboration and Competence are the Six important skills a professional would need to persuade their customers or colleagues and begin their journey to be called leaders someday. An essential leadership quality is to communicate orally with confidence and to persuade, influence and inspire others. This course is designed to help the learner enter the corporate world where they will be expected to get things done – starting from how to communicate orally, how to handle situations with customers and stakeholders and how to persuade others to get things done. This course is designed to help the learner become more curious, creative, confident, competent, collaborative, and communicative (orally) as a leader.

course-calender Start Date - Feb 05,2021 5 Modules
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