The Six Cs of Leadership

The Six Cs of Leadership

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The art of communication is the language of leadership. Communication, Confidence, Creativity, Curiosity, Collaboration and Competence are the Six essential skills a professional should have to persuade their customers or colleagues and begin their leadership journey. A key leadership trait is the ability to communicate vocally with confidence while being persuasive, influential and inspiring. Keeping these factors in mind, we at SoME have designed this course to help learners enter the corporate world where they will be expected to get things done.

In the corporate world they will have myriad functions to maneuver, including learning how to communicate orally, handle challenging customer service and stakeholder problems, and persuade colleagues to do their tasks, among others.

In this course, titled Six Cs of Leadership, we will analyse communication styles of great leaders - what makes them powerful communicators, how they structure their messages, their delivery style, and their impact on the audience. The aim of the sessions is to guide the participants through an advanced step-by-step process of structuring and delivering a persuasive oral message and choosing the appropriate medium to reach the intended audience in a corporate context.


Rakesh Godhwani

Rakesh Godhwani

Dr. Rakesh Godhwani is the founder of School of Meaningful Experiences, an online ed-tech startup in Bangalore. He is also an Adjunct Faculty of Communication at IIM Bangalore and IIM Udaipur. Dr. Godhwani coaches promising startups and senior managers in the industry, gives seminars and talks in corporate events and colleges, reads a story to his kids every night before they sleep, bicycles, does yoga, writes, earns a fraction of what he used to, but lives a million times better. Rakesh’s research and teaching interests focus on how a charismatic leader builds a persuasive message to impact audiences. His fourth book titled “Public Speaking Kaleidoscope” was released by Business Expert Press USA in May 2017. His earlier book “What to Say and when to Shut Up!” was published by Penguin Random House in November 2014 and translated in Marathi in 2017. Rakesh recently launched his online course on EdX and IIMBx called “Effective Business Communication” designed for learners around the world. Besides this, Dr. Godhwani also has his own podcast called “Plunnge” which is available on Spotify, Google, Apple Podcast apps or on his website.

Prior to his plunnge into academia, teaching and writing, Dr. Godhwani worked with companies like Wipro, Intel and Qualcomm in various capacities ranging from engineering to business development. He also volunteers with Vishwas Society for Mental Health, an organization that offers free and confidential counselling.

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This program will help you with the following:

  • Identifying instances of charismatic leadership and learning how to use the Six Cs – Confidence, Communication, Creativity, Curiosity, Collaboration and Competence.
  • Applying the frameworks of communication in common business scenarios like making persuasive presentations
  • Handling Job interviews and negotiating an offer.
  • Identifying your Competences and creating an impactful Video Resume.

Please refer to the Course Calendar attached here for the Course Structure, important milestones and dates - "Six Cs of Leadership - Course Calendar".

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